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Two Killed and Five Injured in Motorcycle Crash

motorcycle crash

A group of motorcyclists driving through Lesage, West Virginia were injured in a crash, and two were killed. The group, participating in the Heritage Hog Rally in Huntington, West Virginia, were driving on Route 2 in Lesage and turning into the parking lot for Hillbilly Hot Dogs, a popular eatery and tourist destination. While doing so, the group of three motorcyclists were hit from behind by a pickup truck. A man and a woman riding one of the bikes were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The initial crash led another truck to swerve and crash into a nearby parked car. Three motorcycles, two trucks, and a parked car were damaged in the crash. In all, four people were taken to the hospital with injuries stemming from the two related crashes, though the condition of the individuals who were not fatally injured was unclear. This is the second fatal accident in recent months at this location; a motorcyclist was killed in April of this year by someone backing out of a driveway. Owners of the Hillbilly Hot Dog restaurant have called for reduced speeds in the region, due to the repeated accidents.

Even experienced motorcycle riders, such as those in town for the motorcycle convention, are simply more vulnerable on the road than occupants of passenger vehicles. While being hit from the rear can be a minor incident for a passenger vehicle, being hit from behind while on a bike, especially in moderate to heavy traffic when the motorcycle being hit is driving slow or is at a standstill, can be an extremely serious accident for the people on the much smaller motorcycle. Due to the fact that motorcycles present a smaller target in other drivers’ field of vision, it can be more difficult to gauge the speed at which motorcycles are traveling, or that they have stopped, making such crashes common.

If you’re an experienced motorcyclist, you know how scary it can be to get in a crash, and how your safety is often in the hands of negligent or inattentive drivers. If you or a loved one have been hurt in a motorcycle accident, contact skilled personal injury attorneys who will ensure that you’re compensated fully for your injuries and property damage. For any accident in southern West Virginia, including Charleston and Princeton, contact the Bayless Law Firm for a free consultation on your claims with a skilled personal injury attorney, at 800-359-2356.

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